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I had heard about the microstay rooms in Western countries at first. As far as I know, then it had attained popularity in several countries. It was first introduced in UAE by the Stayhopper. I had a good time with the Stayhopper on my visit to Dubai, as they offered the best services. The latest concepts regarding the microstays have a lot more convenience for the customers. This gained a better popularity for microstays in UAE.

The actual concept of microstays is to make you possible stay for few hours with an accordingly smaller payment. From the conventional hotel practices of check-in and check-out times; and paying for a whole day even if you stayed for only few hours. The microstays let you escape from these kinds of hotel practices.


I was able to select a hotel suitable for me from the thousands of choices. Wider choices of hotels are one of the advantages of Stayhopper. With the Stayhopper, the hotels had registered everything that we need to know. They had listed about their payments, hotel amenities, offers they give and the attractive features regarding their hotels. Whether you are with your friends or family, you can get the best hotel room suitable for you. The Stayhopper offers the best hotels for microstay in UAE.

These microstay rooms are available in all the emirates of UAE. The people vising UAE or the people present there found the concept of microstay very useful. This is especially useful when you are in a case of flight layovers, travelling or when you just need to freshen up.


The microstay had now turned to a part of enjoyment. This is mainly because you can enjoy the benefits of hotels with short period of time. You can be in the luxury of your favorite hotels at very low costs. The microstay rooms are available from the least of 3 hours and if you need you can extend it to 6 hours, 12 hours or more. This also opens the way to hoteliers for getting more number of customers.

The concept of microstay is now bringing out more and more flexible and comfortable options for the customers. It is trying to be a completely customer-friendly concept. It is possible to change the check-in or check-out times in the hotels. You can check for the services in the hotels and their offers before you book a hotel. The microstay concept is to make your stay completely flexible and reliable for you. Everything meant for the wellness of the customers and not harming the hoteliers.

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